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What his fate would be, he did not know; but he felt that he was held for the coming of that frightful soul and messenger of infinity's Other Gods, the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep

25 juin 2006

Gazette 1919


April 28, the first in a series of mail bombs are discovered. Sent to government officials and industrialists, they spark the first post-war Red Scare riots.

June 26, America’s first tabloid newspaper, the New York Daily News , appears.

July 1, Summer race riots rock Chicago for days after the drowning of a black youth who ventured to near the “white” beach.

September 9, National steel and coal strikes.

November 19, The Volstead Act is passed, allowing for legal enforcement of the Prohibition amendment.

The ZR-3 dirigible makes the first airship crossing of the Atlantic, pilotedd by famed German airship pilot, Hugo Eckener.

Government raids, organised by 24 year old J.Edgar Hoover, net hundreds of suspected communist; many are deported to Russia.


Art et Culture:

Sortie sur les écrans du film Le Cabinet du docteur Caligari de Robert Wiene, utilisant des décors expressionnistes.



Prix Goncourt à Marcel Proust pour son livre À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleur

Premier numéro de la revue « Littérature », fondée par André Breton, Philippe Soupault et Louis Aragon, préfiguration du mouvement surréaliste.

Original Dixieland Jass Band brings New Orleans jazz to England



Science :


Eddington verifies the curvature of light.

Leslie Irvin invented and successfully tested a parachute that the pilot could deploy when clear of the aircraft.


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